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Support Coordination

Moving Clouds coordination of supports helps you get the most out of your NDIS plan. Connect with our support coordinators today. 

Why choose Moving Clouds for NDIS Support Coordination?

Looking for NDIS Support Coordination services in Perth? Choose Moving Clouds as your trusted partner.

Our experienced NDIS Support Coordinators possess in-depth knowledge of the NDIS and are here to provide personalised services to coordinate your supports. With an experienced history of NDIS coordination of supports, our team ensures effective implementation of your NDIS plan.

Whether you need support with understanding your NDIS plan, building and maintaining a network of supports, or maximising capacity to manage your own plan, our experts have got you covered.  

What is a Support Coordinator?

Coordination of Supports strengthens a participant’s ability to design and then build their supports with an emphasis on linking the broader systems of support across a complex service delivery environment. Coordination of Supports is to focus on supporting participants to direct their lives, not just their services, and is focussed on assisting participants to build and maintain a resilient network of formal and informal supports. This involves working together with the participant to understand the funding, identify what participants expect from services, and how participants want this designed. Coordination of Supports also includes coaching participants and working with participants to develop capacity and resilience in their network. Coordination of Supports includes, but is not limited to  

  • Understand the Plan.
  • Connect with Supports and Services.
  • Design Support Approaches.
  • Establish Supports.
  • Coach, Refine, Reflect.
  • Targeted Support Coordination.
  • Crisis: Planning, Prevention, Mitigation and Action.
  • Build Capacity and Resilience; and
  • Report to the NDIA
NDIS support coordinator with a participant.

How does Support Coordination work?

Support Coordination plays a crucial role in helping individuals navigate the complexities of the NDIS and maximise the benefits of their plan. At Moving Clouds, our expert Support Coordinators work closely with you to understand your unique needs and goals. We start by conducting a thorough assessment, identifying the supports and services required to achieve your objectives. Our Support Coordinators then assist you in creating a personalised plan, connecting you with suitable service providers, and coordinating all aspects of support delivery.  

NDIS support coordinator working with a participant.

What are the different types of Support Coordination?

Level 1 -
Support Connection

Level 1 Support Coordination provides assistance for individuals who have lower complexity needs. Our dedicated Level 1 Support Coordinators work closely with you to understand your goals, help you navigate the NDIS system, and connect you with suitable service providers. We provide guidance on managing your NDIS plan, ensuring you have access to the necessary supports to achieve your objectives. 

Level 2 -
Support Coordination

Level 2 Support Coordination is designed for individuals with more complex support needs. Our experienced Level 2 Support Coordinators take a hands-on approach to provide comprehensive assistance. We collaborate closely with you to develop and implement your NDIS plan, coordinating various supports and services, and helping you build your capacity to manage your supports effectively. 

Level 3 -
Specialist Support Coordination

Level 3 Specialist Support Coordination is tailored for individuals with high-level needs or complex circumstances. Highly skilled Level 3 Specialist Support Coordinators bring extensive experience and expertise to address intricate support requirements. They work closely with you, your support network, and other professionals to ensure a holistic approach, providing specialised guidance, advocacy, and coordination of services to maximise the outcomes of your NDIS plan.

Frequently Asked Support Coordination

No. Support Coordination is included in a participant’s NDIS Plan in addition to other supports. 

NDIS participants who are eligible will have Support Coordination listed under ‘Capacity Building’ in their NDIS Plan. Eligibility for Support Coordination is determined during an NDIS Plan Review meeting.  

Yes although NDIS Providers should have strategies in place to prevent any conflict of interest. 

A support coordinator can help participants and their representatives before, during and after an NDIS Plan Review meeting.  

By producing a Plan Review Report to outline the services that have been coordinated to meet the NDIS participant’s goals. This report is accompanied with provider reports (to demonstrate the progress towards achieving goals while using a service, during the Plan period) and includes recommendations for future services.  
By researching specialised services and equipment, as required.  
By supporting participants and their family or representatives on the day of the plan reassessment meeting and helping them to navigate the process. A Support Coordinator can assist you to consider and express information to the NDIS leading to a stronger and more supportive future plan. This could include: 

  • What worked or didn’t work well in your plan? 
  • Have you made progress towards your goals? 
  • Which goals you want to continue to pursue and which goals you want to change? 
  • Who can help you pursue your goals? 
  • Would you like to change how all or some of your plan funding is managed. 

By acting as a point of contact for National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) personnel – to provide them with the clarification and additional information required to achieve a high-quality NDIS Plan for the participant through a Plan Implementation Meeting. 

A Support Coordinator’s role is to help NDIS participants to understand their NDIS Plan, identify their needs and goals, monitor their progress, and connect with the people and support that will enable them to exercise choice and control.  
A Plan Manager is responsible for the financial/administrative side of a participant’s NDIS Plan. For example, the Plan Manager is responsible for organising payments, processing claims and invoices and tracking budgets. If you require plan management services, your support coordinator can help you to arrange this. 

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